• So what's this button do?

    Ah, yes. That button defaults the country on its debts.

    What? Why is that even there?

    shrug. It probably had something to do with the gold standard? No one’s really sure why it’s set up like this.

    Am I understanding this correctly? You push this button, and the global reserve currency defaults on its debts. That will cause untold calamity in the global economy, possibly throwing the entire thing into total depression.


    And you can just let anyone in the legislative body push this?

    Yeah, I mean, kinda. You have to kinda want to push it.

    WHY would ANYONE want to push that?

    shrug. I don’t think anyone who wants to push it really understands what will happen. They don’t seem to believe that the nation and it’s economy can crash. Or maybe they think their position and power insulates them from it? Like somehow they’re not part of the economy? No one’s really sure why. Some of them just really seem to want to.

    Then why don’t you get rid of it?

    Can’t. The people who want to push it keep the system going that allows it to exist.

    And they’re a legislative body, right? Don’t they understand pushing it will probably harm the people they represent?

    Well like I said, they either don’t understand what the button does, or they don’t care.

    This is all baffling to me. It feels like we’re being held hostage by people who can be entertained by jingling your keys in front them. Toddlers. People with profound neurological problems. What the fuck is going on?

    shrug. I don’t know, man. It’s above my pay grade. They, look, I gotta take a leak. Can you watch the button got a minute? Remember, don’t let anyone push it unless they have the proper paperwork. If you’re going to destroy the economy, it’s gotta be done right. Be right back, man.

  • Merry Christmas

  • passed the first interview. now comes the big coding test, which I always do poorly at. I second-guess myself to death - I assume every q is a trick.

    Second, my personal style is a little eccentric? I tend to sorta hack out a quick thing, then just iteratively fiddle with it. Sometimes it doesn’t even remotely resemble where i started, by the end. That style doesn’t go over well in whiteboard coding: they want immediate results.

    Third, I really have a problem where my brain kinda turns off on bullshit problems. “Design an algorithm to turn the number 243 into roman numerals”. OK why. Why would I do that. Ever. My brain engages on real problems - what it considers real problems - and checks the fuck out on anything that smells like a game. This was a problem in school, and this is a problem in whiteboard coding.

    But it went well, enough to get to the next round, so that’s cool.

    I still think “hire fast, fire fast” is the best way, though. Hire, onboard, and give ‘em 90 solid days to do real work. Automattic’s approach with the short contract thing is a little too much, IMO, but closer to what I think is the ideal.

  • The little drum fill before the vocals start in “Litany” by Fucked Up is so perfect 🎵

  • Just watched “Mad God”. I need a hug

  • thought a lot about my game setting thing. it’s sort of turning into “‘Kill Six Billion Demons’ but scifi”. Like: maybe demons are captured Boltzmann brains, and angels are AI. The locations are artificial habs connected by wormhole gates.

  • soft-launched a big feature today, I’ll open it up to more users next week. I think it’s really going to improve our support/triage responsiveness. AND it has a bunch of back-end stuff that we can reuse on future projects. Hate to leave but I wanna do good work right up to the end.

  • i want to do a really gonzo TTRPG game. Relatively short in length, but completely absurd. Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk but also with like Mind Flayers, and O’Neil Cylinders, and just … stuff that makes Final Fantasy look tame

  • My boss just published his 4th game, Charioteer. It’s a racing game and it’s a lot of fun! It plays fast and works great from a 2 player duel to 6 player “Grand Prix”. I was lucky to be able to play test a couple different iterations so it was a blast to see it published

  • So we got our RTO order. Everyone who had remote status, but was within a set of zip codes near the office, had it rescinded.

    So I’m job hunting. In a recession while every tech company imaginable lays people off.

    I am not going back to an office.

  • I listened to about 4800 minutes of Clutch this year. This is also the first year Black Flag was not in the top 5 (they were #6).

  • Did anyone else notice how Elmo didn’t provide reciepts for his claim about Twitter and the App Store? Seems sus.

    Anyway, it’s crazy how in this back-and-forth it’s clear he’s just Trump. Love him or hate him, your mind is made up, and you are profoundly unlikely to change it. A few people will reconsider, and switch sides, because it benefits them in some way or they have a change of heart. But no one is going to let something change their mind.

  • When Apple v Epic happened it was easy to root for injuries: Apple is totally wrong in its handling of the App Store, but Epic was doing a stupid stunt, it chose not to adhere to the rules. The injuries never really happened; only the lawyers won. Epic still sucks and Apple still sucks. Now we have Apple v Elon and it’s just so much easier to find the heel. Elon thinks he can bluster and send flying monkeys against every problem. But Apples point was clear: bad interaction and lack of trust in leadership. Yes, it’s pretty clear the former has always been a consideration. But faith in leadership and good business relationships can offset that. Elon is wrong and deserves to lose.

  • Trying to get banned from bird site

  • This is an absolutely amazing setting riff: forum.rpg.net/index.php

    I would pay real money for this! I’m already writing up a couple different variants I’d like to play. Total imagination fuel

  • I am thinking that this here site does not violate these precepts www.jwz.org/blog/2022…

  • Bought nothing today.

  • really great piece from Monte Cook. I have been so, so guilty of basically being a slave to worldbuilding I forgot about the game; I’d build stuff so high-concept that players were basically railroaded. #ttrpg


  • Remember, every time you take mass transit, you give a fash-adjacent billionaire a headache

  • Gotta admit I’m a little shocked that Alexa is such a titanic loser. I never would have guessed at the loss leader thing.

  • I keep trying to think more in terms of functional programming and somehow I always end back up with classes and objects, bc I still don’t really get state management

  • i want to run a kinda-sorta OSR game: like no big high-concept thing, no complicated story. Just like, the town of Fleem has been taken over by a renegade priest of some evil God. So you set out to liberate the town, and eventually idk fight some BBEG. Hey isn’t that just Diablo

  • I noticed that I don’t use contractions when I’m being very serious. A strange sort of tic I guess

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